what are dog dna tests

Kids + Pets

This Doggy DNA Kit Has an Amazon Prime Day Deal

You better act fast!

You and Your Dog Need Matching Hawaiian Shirts

*Adds one for the whole fam to shopping cart.*

stranger things demogorgon
Turn Your Dog Into a Stranger Things Demogorgon

Did someone say ... DOGmogorgon?

So La-Z-Boy Makes Pet Furniture Now

They are THAT good.

Silhouetted People Watching a Fireworks Display
How to Survive the Fireworks with an Anxious Pup

It doesn't have to be so ruff.

See the cutest dogs, cats, and kids and find out how to make family-friendly homes.
Twitter WeRateDogs Mochi Butterfly Friend
Twitter Is In Love with a Dog Named Mochi and His Butterfly Friend

“I’d die for u mochi.”

You Can Get an Insanely Realistic Life-Sized Plush Replica of Your Pet

"When I posted a photo on Facebook, several friends called to congratulate us on our new dog!"

Twitter SpaceCatPics Cat's Custom Bed Frame and Nightstand
Twitter Can’t Get Over This Cat’s Custom Bed Frame and Nightstand

Where can we buy this?!

26 Absurdly Cute School Supplies You'll Want To Keep For Yourself

I'm buying it for the kids, I swear!

sick kid
This App Could Diagnose a Child's Cold Just by Matching the Sound of Their Cough

It's doing so with 81-97 percent accuracy.

Christina Anstead Got Pregnant Less Than a Week After Getting Acupuncture

She thought PCOS would prevent her from having another child.

dog owners healthy fit
A New Study Says That People Who Own Dogs Are More Fit Than Those Who Don’t

Owning a dog is officially a part of your workout plan.

Child safety precautions for furniture
Is This the World's Most Insane Playroom?

If the craft station doesn't convince you, the rock wall will.

50 Kids' Rooms So Cool You'll Wish They Were Yours

How old is too old for a chalkboard wall? Asking for a friend.

This Dog House Was Inspired By Frank Lloyd Wright’s Designs

This is nicer than my own home, TBH.

tick flea repelling plant pet season
Keep Your Pets Safe This Summer From Ticks and Fleas With This Plant

What more could you ask for?

The Coolest Bunk Beds We've Ever Seen (and How to Build Them Yourself)

Make room for everyone.